Art for Sale | Chaos on green


Art for Sale | Chaos on green . My new abstract painting on canvas with acrylic, using brush and syringe Art for sale


Art for Sale | Chaos on green . My new abstract painting for sale on canvas with acrylic, using brush and syringe. This is my experiment to use a syringe for painting, I want to find some new ideas and senses. I’am very like Jackson Pollok’s paintings and his “drip technique”.
I think you watch in my syringe painting something new and its like a paint freezing at the air.

When I started using the syringe to create paintings, I noticed that the paint when coming out of the syringe fits in a straight line on the canvas. And this, combined with different colors that I combine at times completely spontaneously, has an unexpectedly magical effect!

To create this painting, I first applied a mixture of green acrylic paint with white. Then he began to squeeze in different colors from the syringe.

It is the mixture of dark and bright colors in the background of the painting, and the multicolored ink applied to the syringe, that give the unexpected effect when you can look at the structure of the picture for a very long time!

This picture will look very good on the wall of your home or office. Also, this picture can be a reliable investment, or a very good gift!

Art for sale. Acrylic on canvas 40×50 cm. Unframed.

The author of this picture is me, Dmytro Panchenko, an artist from Ukraine. I also came up with this way of drawing pictures with a syringe. I studied the experience of various artists for a long time before I started using a medical syringe to paint and paint with this. For the last two years I have been spending a lot of time on painting abstracts. You can see my other pictures here.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 cm