Art for Sale Original | Paper clip


Paper clip

At this website you can buy contemporary art painting “paper clip”. For sale original limited edition artwork in uniqe suprematism, minimalism, pop art styles


Art for Sale Original | Paper clip

Art for Sale Original | Paper clip . Let me please introduce my new artwork “paper clip”.
We see white painting on black background. So, what it simbolised? First, its black painted canvas simbolised us the black square, suprematistic painting by Malevich.
Malevich wrote that suprematism black square is inception of art, like antique column is architecture inception.
Further we can see white figure, thats looks like paper clip.  Clip is very important thing in human life.
People use that devise for several setup of life. To begin with, we use it for a fasten documents.
Secondly viap clip we can open a sim card slot on iPhone.
I painted this artwork, because this tool helps people in life and after a while, when we do not use paper, and sim cards, clips will no longer be needed!
In the process of work I used oil on canvas 40×50 cm. unframed.
This painting in suprematism, minimalism, pop art styles.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 56 × 46 cm