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Alpine lake reflection! My impression after Switzerland trip! Oil canvas 40×50 cm! Unframed!



   Alpine lake reflection

Buy Original Painting | Alpine lake reflection | Limited Edition Artwork . Inspiration Behind the Art for Sale
After my recent trip to the Alps in gorgeous Switzerland, I was taken with the beauty, majesty, and color of the scenery. I felt inspired to create a piece of art in an impressionism and expressionism style. It invokes the feeling of being a quiet observer of the land. These strokes also represent the passage of time while the viewer stops to take in the surroundings in the serene mountain meadow. The expressionism style is present in the broad brush strokes that create the serenity of the lake and the stoicism of the mountain. The lake is as placid and unwavering as a crystalline surface, and the mountain is being reflected back through an infinite yet quiet moment that is private to the viewer. Switzerland is full of natural beauty and magical moments.

Make This Original Oil Painting A Part of Your Home!

I hope that someone who loves the mountains and all of their natural beauty will also love this piece! Buy this original limited edition contemporary art piece, “Alpine Lake Reflection,” and put a little bit of the Swiss Alps in your home or office. It will add a pop of bright color in any room! If you have mountain themed art, this piece would be a fantastic addition.

Customers can frame it in any style you like, since it is unframed. If you are unsure what type of frame to use, I suggest a nice barn wood or colorful frame to match the colorful piece. Artwork also makes a great gift! Your family, friends, or maybe even your dog will love an impressionistic and expressionistic masterpiece in their home!

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 cm