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Importance of Black And White Art in One’s Life

Black And White Art

Importance of Black And White Art in One’s Life

Even in today’s colorful digital world many people still love black and white form of art and photography due to various reasons. Some of the reasons that compel people to love this contemporary art form are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.



Most of them love this art form due to its suitability with nearly every type of photography including landscapes, portraits, architecture and urban landscapes etc. Moreover this medium is extremely adaptable to all types of lighting conditions in comparison to color photography which requires perfect lighting conditions to get the best results whether shot in open or in studio. On the other hand low lighting can set the mood of the black and whites images.

Paper clip


No distractions:

Some of the images can get awfully distracted due to their colors or due to focusing away from the subject. But when the color is taken out of a portrait then the subject looks speaking of himself. Black and white images allow you to show a really true, raw and honest person in them.

walking girl


Delicacy of tones:

Black and white images can provide loveable delicacy of tones. The monotonous approach of black and white colors can provide a variety of tomes in an image which can give better effect than an image shown on TV monitor with millions of color tones. Though it sounds boring to see black and white images but actually they include a wide range of shades that one cannot include all of them in one image.

Deep perspective black square



The process of creating black and white images is very artistic as it allows you to show your subject in a number of shapes like molding clay to create a sculpture. On one hand black and white images can be gentle, subtle and soft and on the other they can be highly contrasting, powerful and strong.

Winter street & birds, negative

According to Suprematism theory of Kazimir Malevich, a  sculptor, painter and stage designer, in creative art one should understand the dominance of pure feeling. The visual occurrence of the objective world in itself is worthless as main thing that matters is the feeling. One should include feelings in his black and white images to make them more and more impressive.

Usage of black and white in interior decoration

Black and white can be used in number of ways to decorate an interior, like:

Use natural materials like wood or bronze etc. to create art on walls with crispiest tomes of whites and blacks to give the best contrast.The grey walls of your living room will look more sophisticated and warmer with black accessories and furniture with white crown molding in it. While decorating an interior you should keep in mind that the best possible contrast in two tones is between the tones of black and white colors. This fact provides you a number of opportunities to decorate an interior by highlighting its details. A white on black pendant chandelier or vice versa can be good example of their contrasting tone.