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Statue of liberty cousine

Cousine of Liberty

Cousine of Liberty

In the Florence basilica of Santa Croce, we can see  statue remarkably similar to New York’s Statue of Liberty. Lesser-known The Liberty of Poetry, Pio Fedi’s work.  Neoclassical sculpture designed at the same time what famouse New Yorks scalpture.

statue Liberty of Poetry

Both of them depict a woman in neoclassical robes with a crown of rays. Florences culpture standing on a broken chain, her right arm ulifted with another part of chain.

The Liberty of Poetry

Frederick Auguste Bartholdi, the New York figure of Liberty author was in Italy in 1860. While in Florence he was inpired of Pio Fedi’s work. The Liberty of Poetry statue staing above Giovanni Battista Niccolini’s tomb.

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