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Nu Couche: The Most Popular Painting Of Amedeo Modigliani estimate in excess of $150m

Nu Couche: The Most Popular Painting Of Amedeo Modigliani

Also known as Reclining Nude or Red Nude, Nu Couche contributes to being a modern art, oil on canvas painting that was created by Amedeo Modigliani, the Italian artist in the year of 1917. It has earned a high reputation as one of the well renowned exhibited paintings across the globe. This painting has earned a high reputation as one of the most popular series of nudes which was painted by Modigliani under the guidance of Léopold Zborowski, the Polish dealer.


Popularity As The Largest Nude Painting


This is known to be the most popular painting from the iconic series in which the nude for Modern times was reinvented by Modigliani. During the debut exhibition in the year of 1917, the amazing, sensual and striking photos lure the traffic owing to which the policy had to stop the show. Today, the series has become the prime choice of people as one of the most renowned and sensual achievements in the era of Modern Art. The awe and amaze of these photos was evident during the most celebrated retrospective of the work of the artist in which Nu couché was the cover star.

Nu Couche

Museums Where Nu Couche Are Located


Apart from being the striking instance of the series, this painting of Nu couché is recognized to be the largest painting of complete oeuvre of Modigliani that includes the measurement of 58 inches. It is considered to be one of the horizontal nudes which comprise of the complete figure in the canvas. Most of the 22 reclining nudes of the specific series are present in the museums with the certain depth in the United States. Some of the popular museums where you can find these paintings includeThe Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art in the country of New York, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in the USA. Other institutes that have the paintings of these reclining nudes are inclusive of The Courtauld Gallery in the city of London, and Long Museum in the city of Shangai.

It was during the year of 1908 when Modigliani started painting these Nude photos. However, it was after leaving the sculpture in the year of 1914, he came up with the unique evident which is evident from the Nu couché. You can have a glean about his aesthetic from the artistic models of Mannerist paintings as well as Italian Renaissance, the geometric instance of Cubism, and simplicity of different African carvings. You are going to find the glimpse of all these paintings in the present work.


About The Artist


When Léopold Zborowski, the Modigliani dealer stepped forward with the paid and space models, Modigliani started with his striking and amazing series of the nude paintings. The artist was provided fifteen Francs stipend on a daily basis. The models were paid five Francs for posing in the apartment. The models were at times reclined on the beds, whereas at other times, they were balanced on chairs, and wrapped in sheets. The artists never considered painting the prime paramours in nude. Though he maintained emotional distance from the models, he was physically close to them. The models were known for dominating the space and filling the frame with stretching feet and hands. The nudity is considered to be proud and self-assured.

Modigliani was known for painting 13 seated and 22 reclining nudes between the years of 1916-1919. The majority of these paintings are inclusive of the present works which were painted in the year of 1917. After getting a request from Zborowski, Berthe Weill, the Parisian dealer held an exhibition of the paintings of Modigliani. In the windows of the gallery, you will find some accounts are hanging in the window directly. Post opening, people went to the exhibition in no time for witnessing the striking works. A police station was located across the gallery of Weill. It is needless to affirm that the chaos was noticed by policemen and they stopped the show with immediate effect. The show was closed after two of the paintings were sold at the rate of 30 Francs for one.