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The Art of Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani

The Art of Amedeo Modigliani


The Art of Amedeo Modigliani . The Livorno-born artist, Amedeo Modigliani, moved to Paris at age twenty-two where he lived out his life’s final 14 years. In his artistic work, he used a selection of models for his artistic work and just like a lot of artists of his time the relationship between model and artist, started to be a lot more than a simple professional relationship.


Mothers at the time were petrified, once their daughters consented to model for an artist, as a model working with an artist was looked at as merely being a stride from being the artist’s lover and hence the model was accused of nearly prostituting herself because of art.It is certainly true that Modigliani had extremely close and personal relationships with the models he used for his artistic work, for the female nude artistic work, in order to attain a good painting he’d make love with her first.

Nevertheless, one ought to keep in mind that Modigliani for all faults he possessed and his errors was an incredibly handsome person. Although most of the models, who sat for his nude portrayals, are unfamiliar, it is certain that he had serious and intimate relationships with 3 women that featured in a lot of his artistic work.

Anna Akhmatova and Amedeo Modigliani

One of such women was Anna Akhmatova. In 1910, while he was staying in Paris, Modigliani encountered Anna Akhmatova. She was given birth to as Anna Gorenko, in 1889 in Odessa, Modigliani was older than her by 5 years, She was groomed in a family that was quite rich and from her younger years, she was intrigued by poetry.


She had a great love for poetry and was castigated by the parents as being self-indulgent, foolish and believed it would have a bad impact on her. However, she pushed deeper and began composing poetry at the age of 11 and posted her first work at the age of 17. She would go on to become one of the greatest poets in Russia in the twentieth century.The individual who consistently motivated Anna to compose her poetry was the Russian poet, called Nikolay Gumilev. Nevertheless, to soothe her father and mother almost all her writings had to be posted with a pseudonym, Akhmatova, that had been her maternal grandmother’s maternal surname.

After a long pursuit Nikolay eventually persuaded Anna to get married to him but with a letter to a friend of hers, she wrote how she was uncertain she’d made the correct choice.

They got married in April 1910 in Kiev. Her family had been entirely contrary to the marriage and then refused to attend the wedding.

The couple left Russia and then went to Paris for their honeymoon which was when she met and became friends with Amedeo Modigliani, who also, experienced a true love for poetry. Modigliani was nevertheless attracted by the beauty she possessed and her work of poetry. She was elegant and slim, and whenever she went out in Paris, heads turned admiring her great beauty. Her husband wasn’t impressed by the admiration the public gave his wife, particularly with the interest Modigliani gave showcased towards her.


Anna and her husband went back to Russia Modigliani and her carried on to corresponding to the following 12 months. He was fascinated with her. The letters he sent to Anna became more and more passionate and intense and this caused Anna to recall the short time she had with him during the honeymoon and the correspondence they had.

akxmatova modigliani

In 1911 Anna returned solely to Paris and finally reunited with Modigliani which was the start of a brief but ardent love affair. The affair of theirs was required to be secret. She couldn’t be found in the open with Modigliani as his lover in case information reached her husband in Russian of the affair. The affair went on for merely two months and Anna went back to St Petersburg to her husband and Modigliani never saw her again.


The brief meeting they had produced a long lasting mark on Modigliani’s artistic career. Modiglianis meeting of her transformed his paintings deeply. Beyond the magnificence of his individual artistic works, the fascination of his paintings is based on how they slowly reveal the growth of Modigliani’s elegant and concise vocabulary and the relation of the growth to Anna Akhmatova’s effect on him.