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A Sneek Peak Into Kehinde Wiley, The Renowned New York City Portrait Painter

 Kehinde Wiley, The Renowned New York City Portrait Painter

Kehinde Wiley The Renowned New York City Portrait Painter  . 1977 born Kehinde Wiley has cemented a strong foundation in painting works. He prides himself on the creation of captivating African-Americans paintings. The hosting of his exhibition of 2007 in the Columbus Arts Museum indicates that Wiley’s artistry works have earned him a popularity that creates a high image of the modern African men and improves their status.

For instance, he has been praised for producing Barack Obama’s portrait. The former American president, to present it to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The canvas was revealed on 12 February 2018. Together with Army Sherald, whose art of Obama Michelle was disclosed. They prove to be the first black artisans to create official canvas paintings of the former US First Lady for their use in the National Portrait Gallery.

Besides this, Wiley has also produced some two more paintings of Judith Beheading Holofernes, which are a portrayal of African American females holding severed heads of white females that Kehinde explains that they are a kill whitey play thing.

Kehinde Wiley’s education life and Career

Born in Los Angeles, he spent his early life in London. However, when he attained the age of 12, his parents could see Wiley’s capabilities and interest in artworks. As such, this led to a major drive in supporting him to develop his talent by taking him to a Russian art school. He could attend the school during his part-time, and this broadened his skills of art and painting. His quest for artworks, made him relocate to Nigeria where he would explore more on his works. He is a BFA holder from the Institute of San Francisco Art in the year 1999 beside his Yale University’s MFA that he achieved in 2011.

Wiley has received several rewards in his life including the Artist of the Year Award from the association of the New York City Art Teachers or the United Federation of Teachers, Canteen Magazine’s Artist of the Year Award. Moreover, his two paintings were presented early 2011 on the 500 taxi cabs of the City of the New York. As association with the Art Production Fund. Kehinde is also renowned as a 2010 Character Honoree of USA.

Kehinde Wiley Produces a Paint Portrait of Barack Obama

Barrack Obama’s Portrait by Wiley was recently unveiled and presented at the American museum. Obama was highly impressed by the canvas, and he was motivated to choose Kehinde Wiley to receive the museum’s commissions and the fact that he recorded a great history in America for coming up with the first featured gallery of American’s President and the only black- American Head of state.

 Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Obama feels thankful for Wiley’s work. And he states that the portrait will attract more visitors to the American National Portrait Gallery. He continues to explain that it will act as a lesson to other nations so that they can also support the same activities in their state. The portrait comprises of various features presenting Obama in a black suit while sitting on a chair made of wood and he is surrounded by blooming flowers as well as green foliage.

Different explanations define the meaning of the features on the canvas. The foliage is seen as an official Chicago flower, the jasmine is a representation of Hawaii, where the president could spend his childhood time, and the blue lilies of Africa indicate an allude to the late Kenyan president father. However, the painting has received mixed responses on the social media.

Obama Portrait

As explained by Obama, Wiley’s this canvas is a real depiction of modern arts.  And it has challenged most conventional artists. It is for these reasons that Wiley received the awards of US Department of State Medal of Arts in the year 2015. Also, John Kerry, the former US secretary awarded him a biannual award. Surprisingly, both Obama and Kehinde share the same upbringing.

For instance, their mothers come from America

For instance, their mothers come from America. They also have African fathers, but all of them kicked the basket, and they now have single mothers. The fact that it took Wiley a lot of time and images to develop Obama’s portrait, he shows that he had some great interest in Obama having shared a comparable childhood life.

However, Michelle Obama preferred Army Sherald’ Portrait, who is an artist from Baltimore. She says that not ever has she seen nor imagined about an amazing portrait like that of Arm Sherald. Michelle says that comments about how interesting it is to see a visitor from all corners of the world coming to America to see the painting canvas of a beautiful woman.

Michelle Meets a Little Girl, Parker Curry who thought Michelle to be a Queen.

The two years old girl, Parker Curry was enthralled by the gigantic Michelle Obama’s painting. Her mother explains that it was really hard to turn Curry’s eyes away from the picture as she kept staring at it. This enabled the Northern Carolina photographer, Ben Hines to take capture curry as she starred on the portrait. He uploaded the picture on Facebooks, and it received a viral trend. Michelle spotted Parker’s picture on the Instagram, posted by Amy Sherald and positively responded to it.

Michelle Obama Portrait
Michelle Obama

As such, Michelle was interested in meeting the girl. It is also through social media platforms that her mother came to know about the image of her daughter, Curry. Through further discussions with Parker, her mother says that she got to understand that Parker recognized Michelle as a queen by just seeing the portrait. Other art news indicates both Parker Curry and Michelle dancing together in a party and Michelle expresses her gratitude and impression to her. Besides, Michelle Obama promises to find the girl a portrait in the future. Obama has also shared their picture and video with Parker on the social media.

The unique art-works of Kehinde Wiley, Amy Sherald, are a high motivation to all aspiring artists. They transform the artistry work from traditional arts to contemporary arts, and hence it marks a revolutionized world of arts. Also, Parker Curry is an inspiration to the world, and her captivation tells more about how artworks can be amazing.