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Basquiat style

Basquiat style

With the recent record-breaking sale of Untitled by Jean-Michal Basquiat , the artist brought with his piece new ground-breaking recognition and many unanswered questions. The foremost of them all being, who was this artist? Why did he choose this style of artwork? The answer to this question is not a simple one.

Jean-Michal lived a riddled life as a man that found discrimination and segregation because of his color at every turn. Early in life, he felt the desire to express how he felt about how other people treated him. This created mixed feelings among both his own people and those outside of what he considered his culture and heritage.

The Beginning

Basquiat started life in Brooklyn, New York on December 22, 1960. He was born shortly after his brother,  died into a family with two  sisters, his mother  and his father. He learned to love art early in his life and found natural talent as a gifted artist. His teachers noticed and his mother came to be very supportive of his artistic talent. After beginning attendance at an art exclusive private school, Jean-Michal found small success as the author of a children’s book and became an avid learner of several different languages.

Very early in his life, Jean-Michal was hit by a car and sustained several different injuries. While in the hospital, his mother brought him Gray’s Anatomy, a book that would prove to be very influential to his artwork in his future. Shortly after that, his parents split up and his father was the primary caretaker of Jean-Michal and his siblings. They moved to Puerto Rico for a short time following the divorce but returned to New York within a short time after. His mother began to grow unstable and was in and out of mental institutions throughout the rest of her life.

Likely troubled by what may have seemed like life turning upside down on him, Jean-Michal dropped out of contemporary school and joined a school primarily populated by artists in his community.

Becoming an Artist

He may have started homeless early on, but people were buying a single painting near $25,000 in just a few years. Before fame, however, Jean-Michal and his friend engaged in the contemporary art (or vandalism, depending on how you put it) through a movement of graffiti on the walls of various buildings in Manhattan. After ending the movement, known popularly as SAMO, Jean-Michal moved on to slightly more notice by participating in public television shows, paving the way so that people would buy art for which he was responsible.

Just a little after ending his relationships with those involved in the public television show, Jean-Michal found success as a solo-artist during a one-man showing in a gallery that allotted him great success. He also worked with the musician David Bowie for a short amount of time and made a piece for a hip-hop album. As time passed on, Jean-Michal became more and more successful. So successful, even, that someone like you might consider the idea to buy art at 110.5 million if it happened to be a painting stroked into existence by his hand.

Basquiat - untitled


Basquiat’s art style was one that was of primitivism, abstract in expressing. His beliefs through suggestive dichotomies (wealth vs. poverty, integration vs. segregation, inner vs. outer experience, and many other societal issues.) A defining signature of his work is that he often includes words in his pieces, demonstrating an attachment to his early graffiti movement in New York. Such primitivism allows you, the buyer, to give the piece value that it might not otherwise have.

It is primarily a style of contemporary art’s neoexpressionism, allowing you, the individual who may intend to purchase the art for sale, to determine what the work means to you. It is a style largely guided by individual opinion, expressing and allowing you to feel how he felt about what it was like to be wealthy or poor, or what it was like to be integrated or segregated.

Portrait Basquiat

Heads and heritage are considered a large part of Jean Michal’s art for sale. His record-breaking piece, Untitled, gives you a prime example of this preference. His work was filled with celebration of black culture and history, while at the same time remaining entirely controversial.

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If you’re a fan creating intrigue among your guests, this artist’s work would be fine piece to compliment the halls of your home. Neoexpressionism proves to those around you that you are bold in the face of controversy and willing to stand for what you believe in. One of these beautiful pieces of neoexpressionism is an absolute necessity to have for those who wish to maintain a knowledgable, open-minded reputation. Remain true to yourself and those around you and consider one of the pieces in my webshop today.