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Contemporary Art : What it is and how I use it in my own work!

Contemporary art



  Contemporary Art : What it is and how I use it in my own work!

  Hello, I hope that everyone is doing well today! Today I am going to be talking about Contemporary Art and how it pertains to my own work.
We will cover a bit of the history of contemporary styles, some of my background as an artist, and you will also be able to view some examples of work for sale.

  Contemporary Art

 The artistic styles that are considered contemporary can be compared to the postmodernism movement. Many people actually confuse contemporary tones with work from the modern movement as well. However, they are both two different forms of expression in the world. Postmodernism followed modernism, and because postmodernism and contemporary styles are very complex and ambiguous, they can be easily associated with each other. They are both the most current forms of artistic expression.


 Is all about the present and the current culture. Its all about the now. When you take a look at the world, you can see that there are more cultural influences at hand than ever before. One could argue that it is no longer solely the artist’s job to define their own work, but within contemporary movements and subcultures, it is also the audience or the viewer that gets to decide what the art means in their own eyes. 

  That which is considered contemporary extends much farther than the realm of painting or drawing. Artists are experimenting with new technology. The world’s technological advancements are taking the globe by storm. Designers, programmers, illustrators, actors, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and so many other types of artists are able to express themselves through media and other forms of technology.

    Famous Works and Artists:

 Impressionism: A traditional style that focuses on conveying movement and time through a mass of soft yet deliberate brush strokes. Usually portraying subjects of nature. A famous artist who worked in this style was Vincent Van Gogh.

 Pop-art: This movement is well known for questioning the very idea of artistic consumption itself. By using mass media and popular images as subject material, pop art forces the viewer to consider whether what they are looking at is real artwork or if it is just culture, or possibly both. One artist that is very famous for his pop-art is Andy Warhol. 

 Neo-expressionism: Consisting of very rough and conceptual imagery, Neo-expressionism is a prime exploration of contemporary art. Vivid colors and large gestural marks form this abstract style. Ida Applebroog is well known for her work in this style.

 Cubism: This technique is hailed for its massive influence throughout the 20th century. It has influenced both literature and architecture as well as painting. It is an abstraction of form and a unique way to look at three dimensions. Pablo Picasso is probably the most famous and well known within this style.

  My Artwork

 My past has formed me into the person that I am today. I am originally from Ukraine, though I now develop my practice in Poland. As a self-taught painter, I am able to truly embrace the freedom of contemporary style. As artist I am able to explore and grow in my work while learning more and more about my painting technique.Though I am a fairly new painter, I am not a new artist. I was previously a singer in my hometown from Ukraine and I have long been inspired by art-history. I love reading because I feel like I learn something new every single day. In fact, I even have some background art knowledge from time spent studying a Harvard course called “The Architectural Imagination”. I have always known I was meant to be an artist.


 I started my practices by experimenting with some traditional methods. For example, maybe I decide to paint a landscape, and I want it to look very impressionistic (like the styles of Van Gogh or Monet). In order to achieve this, I use pastel and soft colors for my paint. I also use quick brush strokes to create a textured aspect of the piece that makes the painting come alive with movement. This impressionism can add a whole new perspective on your home/room if you hang it on your wall. It will create a much more dynamic space for you to enjoy.

 Here a few examples of that type of work:

    Buy Original Painting | Alpine lake reflection | Limited Edition Artwork Contemporary Art Anemones Israel! Contemporary Art

 My current paintings focus on themes of cubism and abstraction of my subjects. I create beautiful abstract work by choosing an image to paint, and then painting in a contemporary technique. You’ll see my abstraction in cubism, suprematism, and pop-art styles. You may recognize some of these styles as similar to work done by Andy Warhol, Picasso, Kandinski, Basquiat, Malevich, or any of your other favorite masters. 

 These are some of my most recent contemporary artwork: 
   Two sisters Contemporary ArtBuy Original Painting | News | Limited Edition Painting Contemporary Art

Here are some other examples of paintings where I have been experimenting with new techniques: 
    Fireworks Contemporary ArtLines Contemporary Art

If you like what you see, you’re in luck because these are all for sale on my shop! Make sure to come take a look and see if you find anything to buy for your home. I think that inspiration is in all of us, so why not see if any of these works speak to you!